Google And Diversity

Google and Diversity

This discussion board response is pertaining to the Google blog post or press release about diversity. Just to begin I would like to say that Google is my hero. In technology we realize that there is a huge gap between demographics of color and non-color (whites). Most people in technology are from the middle class white demographic, and they’re also predominantly male. People of color, particularly Hispanics and blacks, are under-represented in technology as a whole. Also women and women of color especially, are under-represented in the field of Technology. So Google as of 2015 has actually increased their hiring of blacks and Hispanics. They are at the forefront of overall ethnic diversity and hiring. We can all take note about Google’s beneficial activities in the realm of gender and ethnic diversity. Not only in technology are blacks and Hispanics and people of color under represented but also in finance and business in general. We need to be more culturally inclusive and I believe that Google is a very good example of this and will give us that small nudge that we need to go in that direction. We can also discuss the subject of pay .People of color generally make less then there white or Asian counterparts. This is a tragedy and I believe a horrible Injustice. Google is actually taking the reins and hiring ethnically diverse upper echelon in their workforce, hiring managers and people that are in charge as leaders management team members. Again, just to reiterate, we should all take heed and understand that diversity starts with us. It starts in the eyes of ourselves and in the eyes of our children. We should always remember the America that our forefathers built and the America that is the global powerhouse is built upon diversity and although our inclusiveness started out rocky, to be inclusive means to be American. I believe that this press release primarily was targeted at the technology industry. I believe it was very effective and its strength lies within the strength of the company itself. Its only weakness that I can see would be that more people probably wouldn’t read this press release. The reason is because it was targeted at the technology industry. I also believe for that particular industry it is very effective although it should probably be targeted at the world as a whole because it is a globally relevant subject.

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