LAN and WAN Networks for computers


The organization that I have chosen to write about is called Coal Canyon High School. This is a high school in a small town in northern Nevada called Lovelock. The high school only caters to about 150 students. Within the small building of Coal Canyon High School there is 6 classrooms. Each one of these classrooms has an average 10 computers with the exception of the computer lab which has about 30. All of these computers are connected to a small server room which houses a rack mounted server system containing 3 servers. The 3 servers serve all of the computers inside of the school’s building.

This is what you would typically call a LAN Network or local area network. A LAN network, or local area network, typically connects computer systems and devices within a geographically small area. this is the type of network that Coal Canyon High School uses because it’s only a one-story building with relatively small amount of computers. This is typical of a small geographic location.

LAN networks are perfectly suited for this type of network. It uses a Cat 6 wire to connect all of the media which basically is unshielded twisted pair wire Category 6. A wide area network would not be good for this type of system. A wide area network is a network that connects a larger area. These are large geographic areas that we commonly use for cell phones and data communications equipment and telecommunication links between different large service providers. A wide area network is generally what we use for our cell phones, long distance calls and things such as this. Coal Canyon High School would not be a good option for a WAN or wide area network because it is in a geographically small area.

Telecommuting in Coal Canyon High School would not be a good situation because working with students needs to be hands-on. I don’t know of anyone ever telecommuting in that organization. Even though we at CTU mainly “telecommute” in the organization that I have described above the community is close knit and customarily does things like school and social engagements in a face to face manner which is another reason that they probably don’t have any telecommuting staff.

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