Data Transfer between species


We are lucky we have the ability to speak to one another period things in the animal kingdom don’t necessarily have that luxury. Not the things don’t communicate because we do know that even plants can communicate with each other and on many occasions they do. Look at Donald Trump for a great example he is an excellent Communicator he communicates in a way that people understand and that people can grasp. That is probably the appeal of mr. Trump is that he communicates in an effective manner. Although some of his Communications Mesa be subversive maybe a little vulgar at times with very little tact in like communication is absolutely pivotal. Humans have this unique ability to convey effective communication it’s in a communication that’s on a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. In the animal kingdom yes there’s Grunts and snorts and there’s touches and there’s different pheromones and different signals that animals use to communicate with one another but their communication is utterly exponentially less effective than human communication. And animal may use touch smell grunts noises or different Sonic Transmissions of information but their level of communication is less than infantil. Even the calling of a baby bird is not communicated in the same way as the Cry of a small infant. Transmitting communication effectively across different communication channels is what separates human beings from the Animal Kingdom. Well that’s one aspect that separates us aside from Artful thinking forethought hindsight and planning. Communication is a very deep subject and we cannot cover everything about it here anything from Las Vegas web design and Dallas programming to New york mathematics and Boston engineering , stem which is science technology engineering math can all play a part in the effective transmission and study of communication. So communication and actual data transmission as far as a computer computer is concerned our means of data transfer on a more visceral level. Now we can abstract our minds to another level. As we are above the animals at communication computer systems in artificial intelligence are above us and communication. The communication happens at the speed of light and mass amounts of data transmission can occur in the blink of an eye. As we’re a human being may be able to use non-verbal communication and communicate large amounts of data. A computer does a different kind of data processing in that 364 times 469 to a computer can calculate that within a fraction of a second even at the speed of light as where a human being may take 3 to 5 minutes maybe even more in some cases to work something like that out. So communication on a more cellular level will call it is data transfer within the vocal Sonic electromagnetic and basically all other spectrums are combined.

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